Imaginary Landscape with St. John on Patmos

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1043 voorzijde

Imaginary Landscape with St. John on Patmos

Hans Bol

1043 - zaal 4

This blue landscape provides the backdrop for a Bible story from the Book of Revelation: the vision of John, in which he sees Mary and her child appear in heaven. But here it is the imaginary landscape that dominates with its turbulent sea, fairy-tale mountains and bustling harbour. And an endless sense of depth.

This painting is one of the earliest large-format landscapes. The Flemish painter Hans Bol painted this imaginary landscape using watercolour on linen. Paintings like this are particularly fragile, and few have withstood the ravages of time.

watercolour no canvas
50.5 x 85.5 cm.
Acquisition with the support of Rembrandt Association, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, 1972