Peasants and Cattle by the River Merwede

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Peasants and Cattle by the River Merwede

Aelbert Cuyp
c.c.1658 - 1660

0 - zaal 12

Two cowherds and their cattle stand in the low sunlight by the river Merwede. A horseman has just passed by. In the distance, we can see the ruins of Huis te Merwede, a little outside the city of Dordrecht.

Cuyp specialised in this sort of landscape with animals bathed in a warm glow. This lighting effect was the trademark of artists who painted Italianate landscapes. Cuyp adopted their technique in his landscapes, which are otherwise unmistakeably Dutch.

oil no panel
38.1 x 50.8 cm.
Loan National Gallery, London, 2007