Wooded Landscape with Cottages

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1105 voorzijde

Wooded Landscape with Cottages

Meindert Hobbema

1105 - zaal 12

Here, Hobbema has painted a summery, wooded landscape, with a farm on the left and a sandy path on the right that extends past a little pool and into the distance. The figures also lead us deeper into the picture, from the hunter and his dogs in the foreground to the children sailing a boat on the water.

Hobbema was the only pupil of Jacob van Ruisdael. His paintings stand out for their lively brushstrokes and multiple shades of colour. For example, he painted the trees on the right in dozens of shades of green and brown.

oil sur canvas
88 x 120.7 cm.
Acquisition with the support of the Dutch State, Baron H.H. Thyssen-Bornemisza, Friends of the Mauritshuis Foundation, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Rembrandt Association, Algemene Loterij Nederland, 1994