The Mariaplaats with the Mariakerk in Utrecht

974 voorzijde

The Mariaplaats with the Mariakerk in Utrecht

PieterĀ Saenredam

974 - zaal 15

Here, Saenredam has painted an accurate representation of the mediaeval Mariakerk in Utrecht. It was already in ruins in the seventeenth century and was later demolished. Saenredam had a preference for such old buildings, which he documented in drawings with great precision.

On the edge of the awning, you can read that he completed this painting on 20 November 1659. However, he based it on a drawing he had made on site 23 years earlier, in the summertime.

oil on panel
44 x 63 cm.
Acquisition with the support of Rembrandt Association, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Openbaar Kunstbezit Foundation and Friends of the Mauritshuis Foundation, 1966