Mountainous Landscape with Waterfall

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1124 voorzijde

Mountainous Landscape with Waterfall

Roelant Roghman
c.c.1660 - 1670

1124 - zaal 12

In a mountainous landscape, a splashing stream flows into a broader, calmer river. A lone man walks over the bridge. Depth is created in the landscape by the tree standing on the bank, in front of the hill with buildings and spinneys. On the left, the landscape continues endlessly into the distance, towards the horizon.

The Amsterdam painter Roelant Roghman is one of the lesser-known pupils of Rembrandt. He painted landscapes in which he imitated the style of his master.

oil no canvas
83 x 102.3 cm.
Gift Mr and Mrs De Koster-van Rijckevorsel, Amsterdam, 2010