Portrait of Loef Vredericx (1590-1668) as an Ensign

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Portrait of Loef Vredericx (1590-1668) as an Ensign

Thomas de Keyser

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In his daily life, Loef Vredericx was a silversmith, but here he is portrayed in the honourable position of ensign of the Amsterdam civic militia. Loef proudly had his portrait painted in this office by Thomas de Keyser, the most celebrated portraitist in Amsterdam at the time. Loef is wearing the costume of a marksman with a green sash around his waist, an iron gorget and a rapier at his side. The standard bears the Dutch lion and the text ‘Pro Patria’ – for the fatherland.

oil sur panel
92.5 x 69 cm.
Acquisition with the support of Rembrandt Association and private benefactors, 1931